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SpeechMED combines cutting edge technology with easy usability for elderly as well as visually impaired patients. It is available to patients via three different modes depending on their technical expertise. It is designed to be patient’s constant, easy-to-use electronic companion with which they can communicate in the language they understand. SpeechMED is audio based and multilingual.


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  • Health Literacy: A Language not Spoken by Patients

    I graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature. I have been making a living as a writer for decades. But last spring, when I had torn meniscus scoped from my knee surgically at a nationally renown orthopedic hospital, the surgeon pressed into my hand ten pages of post-surgical care […]
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  • How Digital Health interventions work for low-income patients

    Digital health interventions have tremendous potential to help vulnerable and underserved populations, but they’re rarely suited for those populations out of the box, according to a new California HealthCare Foundation report authored by Health Populi blogger Jane Sarasohn-Kahn. Instead, digital health developers need to consider the particular needs of low-income, low-literacy, ESL, and Medicaid populations […]
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  • The Holidays with Elderly Family Members Matter

    The holidays are traditionally a time when we reflect on past memories. For those who live with a frail spouse or for children with an elderly parent or parents, these reflections often deepen the awareness of the extent of how much life has changed for them both. Holiday time reminiscing can also underscore the loss […]
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  • 7 Things You Should Know About Family Caregivers

    Each day, courageous individuals step forward to help care for family members in need, their quiet acts of selflessness and sacrifice telling a story of love and devotion. Across our country parents and children, siblings and spouses, friends and neighbors heroically give of themselves to support those in their lives affected by illness, injury, and […]
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  • The Problems of Health Literacy

    There are 40 million people over 65 years of age. With an additional 10,000 new elders added to that number every day. One in five patients will be readmitted to the hospital within thirty days. One out of five households speaks a language other than English. In the home, 80% of Healthcare dollars are spent […]
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