Why do we do what we do?

Health literacy is a $238 billion problem.

Every day millions on Americans are not receiving accurate health care due to the astounding rate of healthcare illiteracy. Have you or a loved one ever misread a pill bottle? Imagine if you didn’t speak the same language as your healthcare provider. Have you every felt like the mound of discharge instructions they give you when you leave a hospital is written in another language?  Now what happens to the patients when they are left in charge of their own care?


81% of patients age 60 and older at a public hospital could not read or understand basic material. – Williams

Chronic Disease Patients

People with limited health literacy skills are more likely to have chronic conditions and are less able to manage them effectively. – Institute of Medicine


1 in 5 patients go home to a family that speaks a language other than English. – US Census Bureau

Meet Our Team

Susan Perry

Chief Executive Officer

Olivia Gomez

Director of Operations

Padmanabh Girgaonkar

Chief Technical Officer

David Scher, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Diane S. Sánchez

Strategic Advisor

 Our Accomplishments

2018 Gener8tor Selected Portfolio Member

2017 Nomination

2016 FI Select Portfolio Member

2016 Score MBL Innovation Award

2015 Technology Leaders of the Year – Most Innovative Technology