The SpeechMED™ Enterprise Suite allows hospitals and other caregiving institutions to visually and audibly relay vital medical information to their patients, in the language of their choice, so that more patients can understand and comply with their care instructions, and medical mishaps that arise as a result of a poor communication can be easily avoided.

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The Problem

Every day millions of people in America are not receiving appropriate health care due to an astounding rate of healthcare illiteracy.

  • 1 in 5 Americans speak a language other than English in their homes.
  • 90 million American adults have basic or below basic literacy skills.
  • Individuals with low health literacy have an average annual healthcare cost of $13,000, compared to only $3,000 for those with high literacy levels.
  • Individuals with low health literacy are more likely to have chronic conditions than those with high literacy levels, while at the same time are less likely to manage them effectively.



Our Solution

What is SpeechMED?

The SpeechMED™ Enterprise Suite is a Patient Engagement Platform, which caregiving institutions license from SpeechMED Inc., and make available to their patients in the form of branded mobile devices and web portals, so that their patients can both hear and read their care instructions, in a language they understand.


Who uses SpeechMED?

SpeechMED™ provides a special aid to the elderly, persons with special needs, and patients transitioning from the hospital to their home. Hospitals, professional caregivers, family members and friends also use SpeechMED™ to connect to the patient’s care plan. A tactile keypad is available to accommodate visually challenged users.


Why do Hospitals and Caregiving Institutions use SpeechMED?

SpeechMED™ radically improves communication and coordination at all levels of healthcare delivery, as well as patient compliance, and prevents medical mishaps resulting from literacy barriers.


How is SpeechMED used?

Upon discharge, care facilities provide patients with touchscreen tablets, pre-loaded with SpeechMED™, a HIPPA compliant application, that translates their instructions into their native language and stores it, along with other critical information, educational videos, and files the patient can access upon demand.



  • award winning, patented technology – SpeechMED™ is an enterprise level platform that is pioneering a new, simpler, more inclusive way to communicate care instructions
    • 2016 FI Select Portfolio Member
    • 2017 Nomination to the 50+ Innovation Leaders
    • 2016 Score MBL Innovation Award
    • 2015 Technology Leaders of the Year – Most Innovative Technology
  • programmable in 16 different languages – SpeechMED™ ensures everyone involved in the patient’s care can follow medical instructions, in a language they understand
  • easy transition from care from one caregiver to the next – Whether the caregiver is using the patient’s SpeechMED™ Mobile Application on their tablet, or they are using the Caregiver Companion App, they can easily change the language settings on the unit they are using to hear and read the information in a different language, if the device is not set to one they understand.
  • monitor patient remotely – SpeechMED™ allows the caretaker or healthcare provider to monitor some of the patient’s activities remotely, and upload important documents for easy recovery, when needed.  
  • easy access to general health information – allows caregivers the opportunity to scan pertinent information quickly, such as allergies and pre-existing conditions
  • electronic health records (EHR) compatible – discharge and care information is automatically pre-loaded onto the patient’s mobile devices and synced with the hospital. (We are an InterSystems Global Partner)
  • contact list – all contact information associated with emergency contacts, insurance information, doctors, caregivers, and others involved in the care process, are easily accessible when needed.
  • additional resources and educational videos – instructions and videos can be pre-loaded into a library for use by the patient.
  • appointment and medication reminders – self set and admin set reminders keep patients in compliance
  • record a voice message – instructions and messages can be left in different languages for other caretakers, who may not understand or read English proficiently  

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