Enterprise Admin Portal

The SpeechMED™ Admin Portal is a website used by employees to enter new patients into the system, and to manage the changing needs of existing patients, after they have been discharged.

Information already in the institution’s electronic records is synced automatically, saving unnecessary manual entry.  This includes their medications, pre-recorded explainer videos and other discharge instructions in PDF format, which can be accessed by the patient on their mobile device, in the language of their choice.


Patient Mobile Application

The SpeechMED™ Patient App is a HIPAA Compliant application, installed on an Android tablet or phone, that is used by patients, after they’ve been discharged from the hospital. The application gives them access to their discharge instructions, and receive audio appointment and medication reminders, read in the language of their choice.

They can also use the device to create audio messages for themselves, or their caregivers, and gives them a way to view important contact information. The data found in the tablet can either be entered by hospital employees, via the ‘Hospital Admin Portal’, or by the patient, via the ‘Patient Portal’, or a combination of both.


Patient Portal

The SpeechMED™ Patient Portal is a website, accessed by the patient via a desktop computer.  The portal allows them to enter all their personal data, including medical history, contacts, and appointment and medication reminders, complete with the ability to take pictures of the pills, so that there is less chance of confusion, when a patient is taking multiple medications.

Contacts, such as insurance and doctors, as well as emergency contacts can be entered, along with the ability to designate a person that will receive notifications, if the patients does not comply with their medication instructions.


Caregiver Companion Mobile Application

The SpeechMED™ Caregiver Mobile Application was designed to connect loved ones, and professional caregivers, who are servicing one or more patients, that are using the SpeechMED™ Patient Mobile Application and Portal.

This ‘read only’ application allows both professional caregivers, as well as family and loved ones, the opportunity to monitor the patient’s medication compliance, and get notifications if a patient fails to take a medication, after 3 notifications to do so.

Professional caregivers, with more than one patient to which they must attend, can use the Caregiver Companion to keep track of all of them.  However, unlike the ‘Patient Portal’, no information can be entered or edited using this application.


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